Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Voere model 2005

The German made Voere model 2005 was imported into the US in the 1984-86 timeframe by Kleingunther, Seguin TX. Some are marked KDF, Seguin TX, the successor entity to Kleingunther It is an open bolt .22 semi auto rifle. They are of very nice quality. They were made by Voere in Germany, not Voere in Austria. As I understand it after WWII the Voere trademark came under different ownership in Austria and in Germany. There are several variants, with the gun being offered in better quality wood stocks, and with the cocking handle and slot on the right side, or the left side.

Some were converted into machine guns, the examples I have seen were done by SWD, Atlanta, GA. All the guns I have seen in the USA have a serial number of 89xxxx, with the x's being digits, not letters. These guns do not seem to be that uncommon, as compared to older open bolt guns.

Here is a top view of the rifle, showing the bolt back, ready to fire (although the magazine is empty).

Here is the left side of the action, with the bolt in the ready to fire position.

Here is a close up of the rear sight, which goes from 25 to 200 meters.

Here is a picture of a 10 shot magazine. There are also5 and 15 shot factory mags.

There were also closed bolt .22 semi auto rifles made by Voere, and bolt action .22's. The mags are not interchangable. The above picture shows both mags; the model 2005 takes the mag on the right. The baseplates are marked "Rep." for the mag for the bolt action guns, and "Aut." for the semi-auto ones.

The top of the receiver is grooved for a scope.

German proofmark on the bolt.


  1. hi i am looking for a magazine for voere semi auto rifle model 2005

  2. I've a .22 cal semi-auto gun. On the left side of the barrel it is marked "EUSTA" in a diamond shape and than written Made in Austria. on the left side of the barrel it is marked "Laufsthal 3". Also on the left side it has got its serial number.

    I am looking all over the net to find its manufacturer but could not get any details. In fact i was looking for a Magzine for this gun.

    Any clue


  3. i have a .243 wm with the same markings and as far as i can find out it was made by the voere arms co

  4. Fyi for those looking for magazines the mossberg 702 or 715 magazines work with a little dremel work, grinding off a rise and putting in a notch and I now have a 25 round magazine for, less than 30 bucks

    1. Do you happen to have any pics of this mod?

  5. Very nice, sturdy and accurate rifles.
    I am going to get on soon.